Written, recorded and produced by Deaf Whale
Jose Roa: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Gabriel Font: Vocals, Drums, Percussion
Adrián Balanza: Bass
Mix and master: Jose Roa
Art: Gabriel Font

Genres: Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal​​​​​​​
1.    Deliverance                                    04:35
2.    Tied at Midnight                       05:20
3.    What Got Lost                              04:23
4.    The View From Nowhen      05:25
5.    Eternal State of Change   06:09
6.    Solstice Hope                                03:49
7.    Black Carpet Ride                    05:17
9.    Inches                                                   04:10
10.  Thrive                                                  06:35
11.  Out for the Rain                       03:54
12.  Friar's Lantern Gleam        05:14
Deaf Whale presents their third album, 'Trails of Gold'. In this new work, the band concludes a trilogy of conceptual albums by stepping into the light to discover that obstacles are still present, but another perspective helps you deal with them. It touches on themes such as loss, change, or anxiety, and how to push through them.
Musically, this is reflected in a brighter tone and production, with more complex structures, and by exploring genres and styles that the band had never ventured into before.
As always, the band has composed, produced, and published this album independently.
The album will be released on January 12, 2024, on all digital platforms.