Deaf Whale makes rock and roll. Their rock and roll. With three albums on their back and a unique personality that took them from their home in Spain to the stages of the USA, Deaf Whale leaves no one indifferent.
Deaf Whale was formed in Madrid in 2014 as the definitive face of the uninterrupted musical project that Gabriel Font and Jose Roa started in 2003. Their influences come from classics of the 60s/70s and current rock and metal bands, but they go further; something that is evident in the positive reviews of their albums. Their music is about not taking refuge in a single sound and expands into different genres and styles. It is intense, loud, and noisy, but at the same time it doesn't shy away from exploring more relaxed and melodic ideas, where each listen reveals a new detail to discover.
In 2014, the band entered their own studio to record their first album, 'From Wood and Stone', released on January 27, 2015. A raw album, the result of many years of experiences, collecting ideas and pondering them slowly. The singularity and solitude from the imagery of the cave kick off a trilogy of conceptual albums.
Their studio also sees the birth of their second album, 'Lessened Shadows', on April 20, 2018. The differences from its predecessor are clear. The whale delves into the shadows with darker sounds, with a more compact identity that, following the concept of the trilogy, seeks to emerge from the darkness of the cave towards the light, overcoming the obstacles along the way. A forward and transversal leap in the eclectic personality that the group has forged over time.
In 2019, the tour to present the second album kicks off, a tour that takes the whale from their familiar Madrid, 10,000 km away to American lands.
A month-long tour in which the group plays venues in Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, and Phoenix, among other cities, sharing the stage with El Haragán, César "Vampiro" López from Maná, and Federico Fong from Caifanes and Jaguares, as well as incredible emerging bands from the North-American scene. This tour allows the group to collaborate with Jack Daniel's in two sponsored concerts by the brand as a farewell to an unforgettable tour.
Deaf Whale now presents their third and latest album, 'Trails of Gold'. In this new work, the band concludes a trilogy of conceptual albums, moving towards the light to discover that obstacles are still present, but a different perspective helps you deal with them. It touches on themes like loss, change, or anxiety and how to push through them.
Musically, this is reflected in a brighter tone and production, with more complex structures and experimenting with genres and styles that the band had never ventured into. As always, the band has composed, produced, and edited this album independently.